angelita {la premiere fois MMII}
Touch me.
So na´ve, he must be thinking, such a little girl.
But why not?
Shedding layers in a feverish frenzy, thrusting limbs, unheard whimpers.
Clipped wings beat fast beat beat beat.
Flutter no more.
Maiden no more.
I love you
Falls on deaf ears.
Evanescent emotion dries up with my innocence.
And what was it to him?
Zeke subject gone past in water once by on silent cluster meaning the way in is closed and we proceed to invent an almost truth for the exegencies of linear memory in passing on 031118
neesh in time this paper will rot,
this writer decay and
this language wither;
humanity will have had its hour
and even this planet will end.
my love for you, our precious
moments, my beating heart and hopeful thoughts,
they will not come to nothing i am sure.
time will ravage and destroy sans cesse,
but something will remain.
egger gossamer kisses
softer than breath
and fleeting as fairies
knot meat oh ephemera mavoureen
somewhere between blue and green
a sidebar in a fading scene
the way the peasant returns to the queen.

oh ephemera flighty swan
or painted duck or empty pond
some say you're truly done and gone
but it's eternity enough this dawn.

oh ephemera of treatise rare
of treatise made of swirling air
unlike nothing, yet also aware
nothing is like you, when it's still there.

oh ephemera if we are all one
why are you a distant one
why are you a web that's spun
snaring all i've said or done?
. . 051101
Wasandru I suspect every person understands several things otherwise outside the realm knowable to humans, things that vary from person to person. I also suspect that most of us internally recoil when introspectively faced with these things, for such things readily conflict with the teachings of our earth lives.

Oh alright, I admit it: I'm crazy.
Pto Zeke ~ that is a wonderful little poem. 061106
() ( p: thank you ) 061107
Pto No, Zeke, thank _You_. 061107
nom is everything that's lovely
but a brief, dreamy, kind delight?
tessa those scandalous headlines
our voices
this library
the coastline
her warm touch
their blood
priapic skyscrapers
symphonies in the breeze
the roman empire
all great injustice
the tiny Eastern Banjo Frog
my beautiful chester
your diary

z t: i like that.
n: things pass, we remember, beauty lives.
tessa thank you, z

i love this word
nom who am i? 070324
stork daddy dreamy and kind 070325
nom oh my cloudy morning star 070325
? whys it cloudy ? 070326
nom that's the love he had for me 070525
what's it to you?
who go