Jenna stomach: "You need to stop this nonsense! It hurts, dammit!"

me: "Shut the fuck up. Have a slimfast."

stomach: ::knocks it away:: "I need food, woman. *Real* food."

me: "Well that's not happening today. Don't you want to look like a swedish supermodel's stomach? Do you really want to keep looking the way you do???"

stomach: ...

me: "well?"

stomach: "NO, alright? Is that what you want to hear? I hate looking the way I look. I hate my size and shape. But what the fuck am I supposed to do about it?"

me: "Deal when I refuse to feed you."

stomach: ...

me: "okay?"

stomach: ::whispers:: "um, that doesn't sound very healthy, Jenna."

me: "I don't fucking care, alright?!?! I'd tried everything else. Exercise doesn't work. Trying to eat healthy doesn't work. At least this way I can feel my progress. No pain, no gain, right?"

stomach: ...

me: "c'mon you gotta work with me on this. We have to stick together."

stomach: "will I really look like a swedish supermodel's stomach?"

me: "anything's possible."

stomach: "okay, for you."

me: "One more thing: don't tell anybody. They wouldn't understand."

is crazy
unhinged yells at me all the time. i try to placate it with a cigarette or small doses of sugar, but nothing really lasts for long. it's really embarassing when you are in lecture and your stomach howls at you loud enough for the whole room to hear. 011116
Dafremen I haven't had to talk with mine much. It's just happy at being able to slap all flat and (semi-)muscular against the missus' tummy again. 011116
DannyH I ate something that disagreed with me. In the end I had to admit it was right. 011116
silentbob My stomach: What are you doing?

Me: Huh? Who is that?

My Stomach: Its me. your stomach.

Me: Don't talk to me. You'll only make it worse.

My Stomach: ME make YOU worse? YOU"RE the one thats putting shit in me that hurtS ME! and then you put yourself in these fucked up emotional games and you just hurt me more! and dont even get me started one what you do to your heart...

Me: I'm sorry, look. I'll try, ok?

My Stomach: Shutup, bitch. Don't be that way. You aren't getting my sympathy or forgiveness. And keep that pizza coming. i_never_said_stop
ClairE What was that you said, stomach?

Dude, I totally agree.

whoknows shes angry at me now for what i had for lunch. i think it was dog poo poorly disguised as beef. 011205
ClairE Or makeup. 011205
dimbnd Me: I'm bored, let's eat pizza!

Stomach: OK.

That's how I get fat.

Me: Hey! That was a little too much pizza!

Stomach: Don't blame me, it was your idea.

Me: You're sooo doing 500 situps!

Stomach: *sigh*

That's how I don't.
Lyl stomach:eat lyl
Lyl:I cant because we know what happens when I do
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