smiling I smile
because I loved

I loved the veil as it slid over my eyes
I asked to be enrazzled
you delivered

I smile
I loved the beautiful lie

I believed because I wanted to
You took the loneliness away
felt like home, felt like family

Such a wondrous world
enveloped in fluff

And I smile

Those gossamer wings never did catch me when I fell

Glamour doesn't last

You can't unsee certain things
Damn you

You took the beautiful lie away
Damn you

Where did forever go?

a victim to a child's whim
dashed away
smiling the veil is ripped away
harsh winds sting
a tumultous storm
cleansing all

thick paint washes away
revealing truth

the beautiful lie
no longer believed
unhinged we were such a beautiful lie
as we slept together on the couch
holding each other
the only glimpse you ever got
when my tears hit your bare arm
like acid
and you jerked away
snarling I snarl
because I loved
I loved a beautiful lie

freely I followed

a pawn
a fool

I snarl
mourninglight I should ask the same thing 041202
smilingsnarlingmonster such a pretty pretty
such a lovely lovely
such a nice show....
the pirouttes were the best

an audience of one

loving the beautiful lie

the oh's and ah's
must have satisfied

eating out of your hand
a pup

such a pretty pretty
such a nice show

oh how you dazzled
oh how you grinned
while playing this audience
such a fool

a beautiful lie
to reveal
an ugly truth

kicked pups quickly grow into
. the lie twas yours 041202
monster no longer has any power over me 041209
stork daddy this life is yours. 041210
misstree someday, you will understand. 041211
misstree aka seductive lies
when you're drunk to get away
and you know how much you don't know and
every bit that you do have
they're all pretty,
in the middle of the night,
and every little lie
is worth sleeping with
for a night's peace.
foma for all.
innocent insect the sweet juices washed over me as I bit into the peach, it was the best tasting peach until the sweetness overwhelmed and gave over to the essence of rot.

oh how tricky some glamour can be
Mister Brightside whenever she called mea "dearest"

fool that i've been, i believed her.
triplesix I want someone who will tell me itís all a lie.
I want someone who will tell me itís all a lie and mean it.
I want someone who will tell me itís all a lie, mean it, and make me believe them.
Lemon_Soda Life, like death, is an illusion. We choose our lies, they are not forced. We must accept that we accepted them, instead of screaming at the rest of the world. 061115
dessiahs_song the flavour of immortality, of apple-cinnamon-aphrodite.
the beautiful breakdown, and shrapnel shimmers bluegreen, and the black angel rises.
unhinged but slowly the truth comes out
and i don't think i can survive
another one of these
what's it to you?
who go