the two hell hath it's own state
of mind because
fire can be fun
when you're outside looking in
and when you're inside looking out
but only if you know that fun
is in the mind of the torch
phil today 020729
jane i'm gonna marry haley, cause she's goin to law school & she's cool & shit

wait, you can't marry her!

why not?

you're already married to me!

have you ever heard of alabama? there's a three wife minimum...
Zoe going there in less than 2 month. my family has a house there on the gulf of mexico (yes, alabama does have a coast). it's very touresty... like pennsicola which is right down the road from it (across the bridge and over what is called "florabama" which is an island that is between the two states). it's the house my grandfather grew up in, right on the water. i'm going there with my sister, she's in law school and i'm in college, she's living and working in dc this summer and i'll be in south carolina, then this fall i'm off to england and then new zealand for the year so i won't see her for a while. we've always been really close so we're having a last hurray in alabama. just the two of us. when i get back from new zealand she'll be planning her wedding, i'll be the maid of honor so i'll have to help, then she'll be a married woman. granted i love her boyfriend, but i can't help feeling depressed, our relationship is going to change a lot. going to the bay (what we call the house in alabama) will be a good last week together. the last time i was there was for my grandfather's funeral last summer. he wanted to have a memorial service in his old backyard and then have his ashes scattered across the ocean. it was the hardest thing i've ever had to do. i loved him so much, and i hope that the house does not make me depressed, but he loved it at the bay and i think my family is one of the only ones who understand why. we're such beach people, i go to school inland and every so often i have to go down to the river just to see moving water. 050328
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