pSyche 24/7/365
Always open, all the time.
Open ears, open eyes, open arms
Someone to just hold_my_hand when I'm
or mad.
Someone who never shuts me out,
and leaves me standin in the cold.
Stay open all day for me, please?

im tired of having 2 hour friends.
i want a 24 hour friend.
Syrope i want a friend who for once in my life can understand that we. shall. remain. two. separate. people.

you are not welcome to splash about in everything i own. my friends are not your friends. my boyfriends are not your boyfriends. my pets are not your pets. my money is not your money. no matter how many of my mannerisms you adapt, no matter how whiny you get and how much you accuse me of neglecting you, you will never be part of me. i keep watching you make these petty dramatic situations for yourself, and i'm so fucking tired of hearing how HARD it is for you. you did it to your fucking self. i just want to find ONE person in this world who will grow up with me. everyone i care about is clinging to some stupid childish idea that things don't have to change, that everybody wants to spend their time taking care of them so they'll never have to do it themselves.

i'm fucking tired of it.
falling_alone if only i had a pill
that when i placed it in water
my 24_hour_friend would expand
and explode into the scene.
and eventually when the time was up
my very wet friend would dry up.
back into a pill form, back into my pocket.
until the next time i may need my 24_hour_friend.
m ive been wondering if there is a pattern. is this a secret. can i know, can we all know and if not why. can you help 050722
misstree it's been a great day together.
see you next lifetime.
the clever guy kind of like those people you meet on planes. single serving friends. 080602
Strideo when I saw the title I thought about a friend who was only your friend for 24 hours rather than a friend who was available 24 hours a day. is that weird?

"Hi! I'm Todd your 24 hour friend. Don't bother calling me tomorrow because we won't be friends anymore."
Strideo I like falling_alone's idea of the 24 hour friend in pill form.
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