kmontso fourteen years that she was sick.
fourteen years that I was dead. Shadows.
silentbob when i was fourteen i was in love with 5 girls who 3 years older than me. 021001
morphine NO one
will ever
morphine. i REALLY
mean that.

plus hoopla.
x 14 years and one week
bye bye
a girl with nothing to say i turned 14 saturday november 22 031123
ferret but only until next dec 4'th 031123
oblivionmachine febuary 7 031127
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl only 14 till next april 040104
x i should have sold my soul before the crash. now it's just an old junker limping along 040104
young pretender 14 - the age when you truly get involved in all that teenage crap. i can't wait to get out of it. 040118
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl teenage crap.
hee hee!
love that phrasing!
it really is.
i think so, anyway.

ok just ignore me when i come up with these weird comments, i do it frequently.
orangine her mom yelled from the door
so she took off the checked tablecloth
killed the ants on the picnic table
with a sponge
neon green
grinning at the shaggy haired boys
wet from the sprinkler
in the backyard
oblivious to her wet gritty hands
to the miniscule pinched drownings
JUSTme Every1 forgot my 14th birthday so i still dont feel like im 14 040226
kookaburra I actually just turned fourteen a day ago, but i to spend the whole day day doing homework. how shitty is that?

did not like her 14th birthday
...AntiqueClocks... Hmm.... I'm 14.... for awhile..... 040314
JUSTme yeah i did the same exact thing.... pathetic huh? 040326
shivers turning 14 very very soon
its just a number tho right
feel small
kookaburra wow, your 13!!!
your all mature and stuff..
I mean, not that I WASNT!!
but yea, i was immature...
i was nobody special for a little while after my 13th birthday...
14 is better, trust me
shivers thank you, i think
i've been told to not to grow up so fast
how do u answer to that?
estarocks is "just a kid" & theres no good guys to wow...i must be really immature! i'm only twelve.

wudda u guys think? am i "immature", or just crazy?

(even if i am, i still write (the following is self-proclaimed) dang good poetry!)
estarocks (the rest of that name was "flirt w/) 040904
sisyphus I do not remember 14, but like some pre-birth darkness it exists in the background, silent save for the muffled tones of people speaking loudly so that I might hear. 070922
Ryakoth The age i began my journey towards not quite enlightenment, wonderful time, but also scary, lots of demons and dream residue and the first time i left my body and paranoia about mind control drugs with everything i ate.

also 2x7
what's it to you?
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