freakizh 1975 musical starring tim curry.
science fiction, double-feature, picture show.
Freak is a meatloaf fan also starring the one and only actor/singer Meatloaf! Hot Patootie Bless My Soul! 020916
freakizh i really love that rock'n'roll 020916
Harleygirl Sexual ambiguity meets commercial satire
Lilac I listened to the sound track on the way home this evening! 030221
Kristopher I act in a local production. I play Eddie and Doctor Scott. We have fun.

Okay, I really just got involved because the girl playing Columbia at the time was fucking hot, okay?

Yeah, it was cheap, shallow and based solely on hormones. . . but it worked for me.
silentbob in no_shame_theater tonight, host christ stangle performaed a piece about how he used to go to rocky horror every friday night...
he went for the first time since he was like sixteen and the sam epeople were still there shouting the same things
they were fucking dorks he said.
and he used to be so into it. hed go every friday night...
and he said how stupid it was to do the same thing every friday night.

he said the last time he missed no shame theater, which is performed every friday night, was in 2000.
misstree more of a family than a cult,
a wonderful place to be reborn into...

but eventually, even the buterfly sheds its wings,
and this too shall pass.
crimson the not-so-shocking Don't get strung out by the way I look.

Tim Curry is hot in drag.

sorry for shouting, but i am fucktastically excited! *bouncebouncebounce* ten years of this damn movie, and i've never dressed up as a character, but this halloween, yes, my children, i shall! yaaaaaay!
Kristopher Splendid, Misstree. I am sure Richard would be proud. 031006
falling_alone i love tim curry :D looks great in high heels...

...favourite movie of all time...
silentbob i bought the dvd for my sister 031124
Nick R I never saw this. My mate is doing a version of this at Xmas at school 040626
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl is mentioned loads in perks_of_being_a_wallflower by stephen chbosky. 040627
Jess Started watching it, but got totally confused!
Time warp, is a mighty fine song though, I sang it with my dad in kareoke in Italy!
Whoever sang teenage dirtbag was great!
Amongst others!
irish_bees_make_o_honey in its glory, the floor show
in Harvard Square was fan. tastic.

turns out the guy who played the criminologist ended up becoming my best friend in the whole world

and yeah we got a little obsessed with it
It's just always the perfect thing, with us, when you're at a loss for words. The well-placed Rocky Horror line.

And we came up with endless permutations and conflations.

Hah. we're such nerds. but I don't care.
what's it to you?
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