EECP Another day to think of you love,
as if the normal ammount isn't enough.
I cry, I miss, I love, and its you
so whats the difference, do you miss me too?
I know you miss me, you told me today..
So why won't this nagging pain go away?
You are my dragonfly with a loving caress, so why can't you put my spirit to rest?
If I cry a tear may fall, does that mean I'm alone after all?
I fear the day when my time will run out....if I'm gone first I pray you will still hear my shout,
And on that day when my last breath slips my lips,
I hope it warms your passionate lips.
kim candy, flowers, and balloons 000713
raechel For the girl, the hour glass figure, time runs out fast. We used to want the same things, but now thats all in the past. How can I make this last? Valetine's Day is's over... 010213
TiKA Nu Nu PricK Pro. It's just one day though.
what's the problemo,
I ummmm...... have words but not today.
Machiavelli70 Do we need an excuse to loveorfuck our lover?

Moreandmost importantly, should we?
BitterSweetDream Happy Valentines Day my love...

What empty words they are now.
f love you 050214
realistic optimist i pulled out my valentine from daxle last year and made out with it whilest listening to barry white. it's amazingly structurally sound when wet. 050214
Staind_And_Souless I didn't call you. I didn't text you. I was good. I lost myself in you when you saw me again. And you changed and died.
God I hate this.
HidingOnTheWall Valentines day always makes me feel unwanted. 060209
no reason that's why we celebrate ferris_wheel_day.
and 'cause it's just a much cooler holiday.
buddhasaidso Happy Valentine's Day from only across the bay, my love. So close and yet so far, is that what they say? I laugh, for my heart's arms hold you always; they will stretch to the ends of everything to sweep you from lonliness. Please feel their warmth, it's faint to the touch when you're own heart is distracted. 060223
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