One of the Ancients Sometimes when I exist, I meet others from my tribe. I am always searching... .

Often I find them not. Are they currently out of existence, or merely hidden from my view? The question torments me. Many times I wondered of them as I died.

Sometimes I encounter but a single brother. Yet this is infinitely more preferable than finding none at all, even should I know my familiar for a single moment.

Often the land proffers a symbol of my elusive fraternity. Oh, how treasured are these signs in forlorn times! Spiritual sustenance is a rough road when one has only vague and subtle intuitions as a guide. Many times have I turned away from my hopes, only to again see a glimmer of possibility in the darkness of some artistic or scientific examination.

Sometimes I know them all. The Christian unites with some God, the Buddhist with an elusive extinguishment. Would all possible worlds exist, I too might find an enduring solace in some distant incarnation... .

Often I see their reflection in the mirror of a foreigner's act. I wonder whether this be incidental or some patient display of providence. Pursuit of such fruits bringeth only dispelation of the mirage; Tantalus yet persists in these realms.

Sometimes I... ah, but nothing more can be said about the matter.
somebody "ah..." but do say more! 090614
unhinged 'so if ever built what will the united states native american genocide memorial museum contain? what will it exhibit?

it will be one room a fifty-foot square with the same large photo filling the walls ceiling and floor.

there will only be one visitor allowed at any one time.

there will be no furniture.

that one visitor will have to stand or sit on the floor.

or lie on the floor if they feel the need.

that visitor must remain in that room for one hour.

there will be no music.

the only soundtrack will be random gunshots from rifles used throughout american history.


what will that one photo be?

it will be an indian baby shredded by a gatling gun lying dead and bloody in the snow.

it is a photo taken by a u.s. cavalry soldier in the nineteenth century.

very few people have seen that photo.

i have not seen that photo.

but i know it exists.

the smithsonian keeps such photos locked away from us.

the united states wants all of us to forget the crimes it committed against the indigenous.

the united states wants us to forget.

the united states wants us to forget.

the united states wants us to forget.'

- sherman alexie
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