[.:..The SeeR ..:.] We do it, Every night. Nobody Notices. Passing through the veil. Autothoughts. spontaneous Imaginative creation.

What do they mean?
These dreams I see.
distorted tendencies to a higher state of surreal 020924
jenna transcend your fear
know that i am near
i'll cool the flaming skin
when the dreams begin
call_me_lydea As you move from one skin into another, there is nothing more than pain. There is pain because you are leaving a part of you behind. Pain because you no longer fit in. Pain because you have never fit in (even back in pre-school).

Getting over the "hump" is the hardest part. Starting your car in second is tough but not impossible. Trancending something and looking back is only the product of survival. It's the most glorious feeling in the world.
megan it's winter outside, the coldness is gnawing at my bones, wanting a bath. i have just gotten off the phone with you, feeling lonely now, without your voice and laugh pouring into my right ear. i stand naked, nothing unnatural hiding my existence. this is how i feel before you, you know my every thought, my every action, and what it all means. you can read my mind so well, you know so much about me. is that a good thing? only you can answer that. does it force you to love me? i hope not. i love you more than i thought was possible of a simple human being. as i step into the warm water, i know that after i am done, you will be waiting on my call again, and perhaps i am more anxious to call you back than i should be. is that ok? please let me know that you love me because you want to. 030123
Piso Mojado we keep moving on 040929
andru235 eventually we all shall do just that 041203
Eraserhead if only it were possible. 050129
andru235 and possible it is!

in fact you cannot stop it!

that's what makes transcendence
what it is
what's it to you?
who go