:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: The Purest Truth...

is simple.
It is the complex lies that distract you.
dB How can we recognise this truth? 010829
Dafremen It's simple man. The BeE is right. The first thing to realize is that it's all one thing. We're all one and it never ends. Armed with that knowledge, realize that you hurt yourself when you hurt others and everything you desire is no different from what you already have. It's the same thing.

There is no need to worry about tomorrow and there is nothing to fear if tomorrow never comes. It will, always...eventually.

Armed with this knowledge know that to be human is a gift, a random gift perhaps, but a gift nonetheless in that you have been given it and so much else that is MADE OF THE SAME STUFF AS YOU didn't get it this time around. It's your turn, enjoy...don't hurt the peoplearound you...this is THEIR time too. Don't let them hurt you either, this is YOUR time. It's precious...enjoy it, appreciate it. Don't cling to it or throw it away.

There are so many more truths that are self-evident once you realize those TWO simple things:

1. All things are made of the same stuff.

Everything is ONE're just part of that thing (and it is part of you.)

2. There is no end to the recycling of the stuff that makes up everything.

It is an endless cavalcade of stars and art and science and energy with no conceivable limit to the number of ways in which it can manifest itself.
dB What you say Daffy, strangely makes much sense to me.

The poor man clings to his gold for fear of losing it, while the rich man spends his gold freely to have his way with the wold.
It is the same with life.

Maybe it's time to let go, and for once in my life, just run with it.
Dafremen see also: CONSUMERS 020927
pushpins is madd the purest truth
might bend with my knees
against the back of some seat on the
school bus.
i curled in order to
wedge myself
into that space and tried
not to bother the person in front of me
with my shifting knees
sore from the random patterns
etched into the green plastic
creeping away from windows
that were never clean to begin with.
hyperbole of my spines curve
begins to
stretch and strain my nerves
and i wouldn't notice
I'm too busy feeling absence in my hands
and sleepy tears that never rest
like fingers whispering on my cheek,
its the purest truth
when i say nothing.
its the purest nothing
when I say the truth.
hmmmm when i say nothing
there is no truth
because i lie
curl up in a a bed of things that cannot be truth
and they are not pure
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