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Syrope it's so hard for me to be sympathetic these days. following rules to the letter is so much more efficient than actually considering people's personal downfalls. "oh, i'm sorry you're no good at this very easy task you were supposed to do, but that still doesn't make this right. you will fix your problem or we will fix our problem, which right now would be you." i can be proud of you, i can recognize that you feel differently than i do, i can be disappointed in you, i can agree with you, i can admit that sometimes i cannot know what you're going through, but don't try to make me into a kindred spirit. we're not going to have a connection if we haven't already. i don't feel what you feel and i don't ever want to.

i keep getting the feeling that i just accidentally made a new friend, and it kind of disgusts me. i try to have a very reserved but polite attitude at work and some people confuse the politeness with me being interested in their lives or with me being kind to them...just them. i'm sorry, lady, but just because i smiled & nodded while you told me about your son and about what movies you've seen recently doesn't mean that when he finally comes down and you go to leave that you have to COME BACK across the lobby all out of your way to tell me goodbye. that's nice of you and all, but i just work here. i wouldn't have noticed if you'd just ...left. i don't want you to get the wrong idea. you didn't just wave on your way by, you got all into it, and that's creepy. i think if some of the people who wandered away with renewed faith in humanity after an encounter with me actually stuck around to see that i treat the next person exactly the same, they'd be very hurt. i think more people should be polite so that i don't have to feel like a freak. i'm such a bitch.
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