andru235 it lives here, too
amonst the atoms

you speculate, perhaps there are others in the galaxy, the universe

the macrocosm will treat your planet
as you have treated the microcosm

how have you treated the microcosm?
fission, fission, fission
f f f
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apocalypse not just mere existence, but summoning thought about it 050614
z see: the_ghosts_of_birds 050615
anne-girl dude. i was looking out at the lake yesterday, thinking about how animals just do whatever their instincts say to do... or at least that's what we think, I guess we can't really be totally sure
but, but it'd be sooo much easier not to have to think about shit all the time... just to do whatever the hell we felt like

but DAMN sentience is cool... i think that when Genesis talks about being made in god's image, that's what it means - the ability to reason, make decisions, do the wrong thing or the right thing (that's why there's morality... because we can choose, right?)
i mean, i can't imagine being not able to imagine or think and stuff... to just walk around all day doing whatever my senses told me to do

like you can't give goldfish too much food because they'll eat it all and die
but humans are smart, right? If they have too much, we'll leave it for later, right?
but i'm still a slave to my senses, not ruled by logic
but it's gorgeous... i mean, just the ability to choose and do whatever the hell i want to do; break the law or just social rules

but i don't... i just go along with generic normal things

it's a terrible waste, really... i mean, if i don't use my fantastically cool ability to wander around intellectually and consider different things and evaluate morals and reasoning and try to come up with some sense of ethics that makes sense and maybe try to get something out of this gigantic pile of knowledge and thought we've accumulated over the millenia (religions & philosophy & all that)

then what's the bloody point?
it's beautiful
z it shrinks from detailed analysis. it colors everything we know, perceive and remember. it evades definition, becoming different even as we examine it. it is the structure of what we know, as we know it. it is what we are.

see: symbolic_fatigue
() (i feel my knowing now) 050928
(z) (i am my knowing now) 051118
z i know my seeming now 051202
z i dream my saying now. 060828
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