secret scientist You voluntarily participated in my experiment! Thank you thank you! My experiment failed its original purpose, but I did manage to get some new data, I discovered a little bit about blather_defense...theory pending.
Although Dafreman, I expected a little more out of you! I figured YOU would be the one to figure out that George W. Bush = GWB...
however I give you points for your creative attempts. And...I must be honest, I was not refering to you as a blather_polluter of the third kind, as much as I enjoyed your comparative analysis of yourself to group 3, I think more highly of you then you realize.

In fact, none of the people this blathe was designed to inflame even responded. I don't quite get that yet, but I'll figure it out.

Db...(and Nocturnal) I talk about many, many things besides God, however, since He is everywhere, and all of MATTER ITSELF is a form of energy, and energy is vibrating God chunks, then it's a little difficult to just ignore the Guy, ok! Sorry if that offends some people. If it makes you feel better to despise people like me, hey, go right ahead! But if you think that I represent any sort of threat to anyone, well that would be frighteningly silly.

The original purpose of my experiment was to expose weaknesses in certain individuals. Not to use to my advantage, but in order to protect them.

I was going to add this in to my experiment page, but I deleted it, and typed MUWAHAHAHAHAH instead.

Doing that gave me more personal satisfaction that you'll ever know.
god asshat, anyone? 020405
ferret asshat, hmmm, not quite the choice of word(s) that i would have used but ok, good enough. 030616
god they got jane fonda videos at the mall. it's like paradise there. 030616
scientific method in order to be a scientist and to conduct your experiment scientifically youd have to replicate this experiment at least 100 times 030616
niska fer fuck sakes...

on a sidenote: let's use science for a greater purpose.

i often wonder what monkeys are thinking the whole time their picking up bugs, breaking them in half, then eating them. there are several holes in this research that need to be filled, promtly.

also, robots still have a long way to go. in fact, secret scientist, if they were as technologically advanced as all science fiction has suggested they would be by now, you could have millions (of robots) listening to everything you say.

and they would retain it.

and they would not argue.

because they are robots...
whisper right, because robots are machines with computer brains that will do EXACTLY what they are programmed to do, there is no alternative

only bugs in the program
what's it to you?
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