splinken "I suppose you think that's very funny, Harold." 010215
idlemind something everyone thinks about 010317
mikey its ok to think about things. some things shouldnt be acted upon is all. but in not anyone but me can any of us say someone elses life isnt really so bad....

if we all had a dime for every time we hear that we'd all be rich.
soia gets off the phone and I know something is very wrong. afraid of what awaits. "i have to go. jc tried to commit suicide." and he's gone, tires screeching. i stand there. what to do? 010505
Dafremen If you love something set it free.
If it comes back to you, it is yours to keep.
If it doesn't, it probably wasn't worth having anyhow.
argo I know how I will die; I just don't know when. Both comforting and overly-dramatic, my favorites. 010505
spoons an option
a way out
a new beginning
chiidi this new recurring dream
the poker game hand
again and again
aces and eights
the dead man's hand
nocturnal teenage suicide. don't do it. 010507
splinken teenage suicide. she blew it. 010601
the Police i can't i can't i can't stand losing
i can't i can't i can't stand losing
i can't i can't i can't
i can't stand losing you
argo means pain suicide is lonely, so I've been wandering around bus stations and halfway-houses, looking for someone to make a pact with 010830
silentbob i kind of wanted to stab myself in the stomach today 010831
kali i don't want to have children. after i formulated this opinion, i didn't really know why i felt this way. i think i know now.

basically, deep down, i am suicidal. i think life is a shit. i have bad days and i have really, terribly great days, but, on average, i hate this existence. however, i have no desire to take my own life. (none. at all. don't worry.) this life-disgust, however, is carried over into potential childbirth, and prevents me from wanting to bring someone else into this world without their consent. so instead of taking my own life, i take the lives of my young before they are born. (and, if depression is a genetic condition, they would probably thank me for it.)

i have insomnia. i might not like this post in the morning. no regrets.
pilgrim If it's all as bleak as it can get,
then when they discver your body
They'll also dicover the winning Lottery ticket in your pocket
psychobabe i fear to soon that these feelings i feel may be leading to depression. I dont want to go through that again, not the suicidal thoughtz 011121
spoons Jesus christ come save my life
dear god i wish to die tonight
im sick of life this constant fight
the wrong is right within my sight
teenage suicide...goodnight
Jenna thought about it about 6 times today 011220
distorted tendencies don't you do it
and don't you do it

but i will
jim_starks even though i seem so self confident on the outside, not a day goes by that i don't think about ending it all. a drug overdose would be the way to do it. a handful of pills and a nice sleep never to wake from. it would never happen but i still think about it constantly. i'm so unhappy. 020210
pralines&cream I cut myself on the finger the other day, just to see how it would be.
That's the closest to suicide I'll ever go.

But you ...
you wanted to kill yourself once,
because of me.
misstree i died already, many moons ago. i went on a trip, and i made my goodbyes, and i made peace witht the fact that i might never come back, that any one of a hundred things, from muggers to despair, could kill me in the meantime. every moment since has been stolen, and most have been sweeter because of it. 020211
black One day I will kill myself

It may not be my firearms, or poison, or carbon monoxide, or the precipice or a fifty story building, but something inside me will wilt one day. One day I will pour burning angry pitch all over it and it will die.

Then I will be dead, and ignorant again.

I will see my bliss.
daxle If you want ignorance, join a religion and/or sedate yourself with various drugs. Treat your body poorly. Don't read. Watch tv. Create a shell around your mind. You can be dead while your body is still alive. 020211
bethany when i was 13 i had a letter on stand by. but then i just ran away
but now i just had sugery on my wrists and i have scars 3 inches on my wrists
and everyone looks at themon my wrists
and i swear if they were anywhere else on my body people would ask where i got those huge stiches down my wrists
but their eyes dart right back to my face when they catch a glance and there is all this worry, and wonder, and even fear, that i haven't decided yet if it's immoral to play with
but anyhow i smile about it, but hope it's there if i need it, which would be quite easily done as all i would have to do is trace
Jenna I have a letter on standby right now.

On my computer, password protected.


Miffey what a waste.
suicide doesn't solve anything. As long as you're alive you can use your free will to alter your reality. Suicide take you out of the game and leaves you to the hand of God, whatever, whoever he (she, it) may be.
Besides, who would want to clean up that mess ;P
black miffey, jake, whatever

you are a fucking idiot, and I daresay most think it
BrotherDB Tried it in high school and failed, what does it mean if you fail at suicide what does that mean. I took every pill in my house, the doctors told me in the neightborhood of 300 of them, if it hadn't been for my friend who found me, I would be dead. I thank that friend everyday when I wake up in the morning. My parents took my to a shink afterwords and to tell you the truth it didn't help at all. I was so rapped up in the pain in which I lived everyday that I could not see what I did to the people around me. They only wanted to help, but I pushed them away, because I didn't think they understood. Until my dad told me that he attempted it when he was younger. It seems that my parents weren't totally clueless. I still think about suicide every once in a while, but then I come to my senses and realize that I would rather live a long, mildly satisfing life then a short shitty one. 020508
the birdmad and the damage done i always wondered if my friend's shrink apologized to his parents or if Charter refunded any of that money that they made off of him after he killed himself the year after we graduated

Of course not, all he did was make room on their calendars for more potential revenue, this is the psychiatrist's most vested interest in a patient,
i think.

PT Barnum should have partnered with Freud

memory of the shocked look on the face of that rank fucking amateur from St. Luke's BHC as i slit my wrist in front of her and walked out, still bleeding to go back to my next class.

yeah, so much for our follow up visit.
blown cherry My psychologist said she's put some crisis team on to me, they're just supposed to call and check up on me every now and again.
They're suppose to make first contact today, but my phone is still broken.
kerry does anyone here feel that suicide is selfish?
i'm not really sure where i stand here.
spoons I think whether it's selfish or not depends on the circumstance... 020828
argo I don't think that it's as selfish or rude or thoughtless as its opponents want us to believe. The choice to create life seems somehow a little more self-absorbed. 020828
sue aside ;) right on, argo.

you got it like they all should.
daxle sans paxil me: so if I go to them, will they try to keep me there?
nurse: maybe, but maybe that's what you need
me: actually, if I needed to be degraded like that again I'd just go become a prostitue
nurse: um.... well... we're only looking out for your best interest
me: ok thanks, but I think I'm doing ok with that myself
amy suicidal feelings are natural, as is depression. however, dissatisfaction and doubt can turn out to be very useful, given the proper perspective. one doesn't have to actually die to put oneself through some of the benefits of death... it's all about finding self-empowerment. it's all about individuality, and its troubles. life is nothing if it's not difficult, especially for the young. you are free to plumb the depths of your being, if you need to. 020829
Zeb was suicidal for a long time
still feel like it from time to time

i am much better now, things got better

but funny as it may be, i look back on my suicidal days with fondness

i dont know how to explain it, i just miss those days....

it doesnt really make sense at all... i wanted to die, now i dont, but i miss wanting that sometimes
SuicidalAngel hahah thats so funny! I know exactly what you mean! 030413
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