Q q's first rule

"folks are so fertile that the rate of failure when not using the big r is nearly a perfect 1.000"

or maybe the second?

(in the background: "please, i know it feels really good for you right now, it does for me too, but let's wait just a tiny minute, here, have a blanket, stay warm, just a tiny second, i need to roll over and quickly page through Lewis and Randall (revised by Pitzer and Brewer), i've got it right here on my bedstand, yes, in place of the bible and astrology today and even the new yorker, you aren't familiar with that book? you aren't? oh, sorry, but ... yeah, you are familiar with gibbs, right? the phase (in slowly) rule? free energy? yeah, but let's deal with the title and history and significance of the book later, okay, yes, uc berkeley, lewis and randall, no, just a teeny tiny moment, i do need to look at it now, i need to know whether the rule is first or second, it's on the tip of ... my mind, it should be on yours love before we ... but i'd rather, you know ... ok, yes, i do love you and want to get back to, yes, yes, wow, wow, i found the right page, 711, or, i need better glasses, 777, no, love, not 666, ok ...,

"mindgames? hey, what fun would life or love be if friends didn't play mindames when they were ..., yeah, like we are now? you do blathe, right? you don't do it with a towel over your head, right? what? ok, sometimes when you're washing your hair, fine. that's a mind-warming game. yes, both washing and wrapping in a towel.

"love, what we were doing is really very nice, very fine, feels really, really, really good and i really want to get back to it right now, but this is very important and is no mindgame, well, okay, maybe a little bit, i can't believe you aren't into Lewis and Randall, here just look at it, yes, let's get back to the nitty-gritty")

the point is

ice-cold, big r, rationality,
so cold and so big it almost always schrivels passion and, dammit, that thing,
is the only prophylactic
against being ransacked;
but you need to want to use it
and insist your partner use it too,
because the stars are too far away
and don't give a shit

the big r is the condom against an unwanted, diseased life,
it's a nuisance all the time, as we know right now,
it seems to break a lot,
but folks are so fertile that the rate of failure when not using it is nearly a perfect 1.000

ma'am, just accept the facts,
if you want to be always unransacked,
in whatever state of confusion or
cardhouse you happen to be,
even if you haven't built it all by yourself
you need to use it,
your partner does too.

now let's do it ....

Copyright 2000
amy Thermodynamics and the Free Energy of Chemical Substances, GN Lewis and M Randall
(i wouldn't want any diseases, no no.)
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kx21 Which of the following is true:-
The Rationality of Human Creature increases or decreases over times?
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