startfires everythings sposed to be better the next day. it usually is. or at least less harsh. 001029
silentbob My heart burns like hell tonight

whenever your face comes to mine

i cannot breathe i cannot eat
and i just want to cry

my emotions arent rich and cannot afford to be fucked with this much
but i dont want chairty or petty cash
specially from you
yeah, the last thing i need right now is a fucking pity party
i never ever thought id be saying these words (funny things, words)
least of all to you.
And then when i awoke still to find you there
my intentions came streaming down my face
i kissed you once on the cheek, kissed you twice on the neck, kissed you three times on your forhead, but never once on your mouth
maybe im not as worse off as i feel inside
but i hate myself more with every decision i make
hanging up your poetry when id rather hang myself.
maybe i just feel i cheated my emotions
teasing them with someone i knew they could never have
or maybe its cuz you're so far away and i just miss you
i dont know what it is about you
i just know now its more than it was
i dont know why red fades before blue
it just does.

it just does.
birdmad insomnia

six hours of sleep in five days

(not counting the strange delirous half-nap moments the threaten to overtake me but never quite follow through)
god i'm beginning to experience something similar. 011222
ClairE A sleepover.

It sounded neater somehow, like cheery hats.
kick in the face things can change
things can get worse
overnight, into the day
reality sets in
what's it to you?
who go