kelc i see the world threw my heart
we sat together
but fell apart
and threw blind eyes we do see
a broken heart
will always beat.
oren ♫ was free.
I long to_be
Way_down home.
Little Blue Notes theres another world inside of us. 051207
Afro Did you know that you're my heart?
And it hurts to be apart.
And this cut it hurts so deep
so sing me to sleep.
ungreat Always beating. Through tears and hurt and happy, and elation. Thumping in my chest. Through angry words, through put downs and putting my self down better than any one. lub dub lub dub. With tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat, and hurt in my heart. Always beating.

This never ending cycle, I always find myself right back here. Back to my heart. Back to pain. Back to the never ending dysfunction of my life. Is so inescapable how is the anxiety of entrapment not palpable to you. To any of you. How can you not feel it vibrating off my skin? How can any one near me not feel how toxic I am?

Because I am nothing.
unhinged (it isnt dysfunction to feel the pain and suffering of life. some of us feel it more acutely than others because we are aware of reality. my heart is right there with yours. we are living breathing beings with big feelinpg hearts. i would say that is the opposite of nothing) 140913
flowerock she's right. if you or your heart or feelings were nothing, then there would be no pain or joy.there wouldn't be anything or anyone to feel it. empathy. we all have varrying ranges of emotions, tendancies towards more or less intensity and more or less up and/or down... periods of any or all of them.

ungreat When you think your heart is an island, only to look around and find a sea of hearts beating and bleeding the same. Comfort and solace in a surprising place. 141209
unhinged still empty
done trying
what's it to you?
who go