Strideo so I keep hearing about this Michael Vick story. it's been pretty much unavoidable for me. *sigh*

look, if they caught him doing something wrong then I hope he's found guilty and punished accordingly, but personally I don't need to know every detail along the way in during the entire process.

one of the last things I heard the news report on was a protest at the stadium held by Vick supporters demanding that the Falcons let him play. "What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?!" protester after protester would ask.

okay, a word to the wise. that whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing, yeah, that only applies to the government. it doesn't apply to your boss, your spouse or sweetheart, your neighbors, or any other private citizen.

the reason the government is supposed to meet such a standard is because they actually hold the power to punish you if you break the law. the government is supposed to use this power responsibly by bearing the burden of poof.

having said all this, of course I do recognize the right of the protesters to have their say even if I think it's based on a misguided notion.
Lemon_Soda innocence and freedom are not synonomous(sp?). I happen to think the ideal of innocence lives in all of us. We all only do what our experiences have taught us we must, so noone is really guilty of anything save perhaps being themselves. Many feel that people need to be held accountable for their actions, and this is true to an extent. But we should not punish people for being themselves, but instead help show them that life can be lived and enjoyed without having to do the things that got them arested in the first place. Am I the only person who thinks it is a sick mind that rapes or kills? Do we all agree that a sick person requires a docter, not a time out with a bunch of other sick minds? People blame society sometimes, failing to recognize that they themselves contribute to that society. I dunno. I just think our whole legal system is aimed at the wrong thing. Can't we have a set of laws and consquences designed to solves issues, not just sweep them under the rug for 10 to life? 070730
Lemon_Soda Daf, give me a shout out here....

Im dying to hear what you have to say on this.
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