jennifer so blind 000527
moonshine I see said the blind man. 000528
amorfus "You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; 000531
silentbob so what does that mean 000619
birdmad it means, if you take it at its most literal face value, that all art and imaging technology are scripturally prohibited.

fuck that
typhoid i wouldnt say all art.
just anything but abstract art ;)
somebody is everything 000913
Belinda Dorman Is just a shallow perception of someone or yourself. You cannot tell what someone is thinking, what someone is feeling, who someone is just by how they dress or what they look like on the outside.

Its the heart of someone that is important and not how the look.
Tiffa an image reflected in my pool of tears
it is not mine
i turn and no one is there
how cliche.
the image is me
my pain and grief twisted
manifests out of me
i can no longer contain it
a reflection in my tears
monadh of a cool reality
painted on a smile
somehow mistaken
distorted tendencies Is beautiful, especially when caught in black and white pictures. 011007
Casey She is not a perfect person. To you, the image of her is prefect. To the rest of us, she is distorted. 011007
girl_jane An image created with false truths.

An image created by finding yourself.

An image...

Can't I just be invisible?
Nella Images distorted
Twisted and sorted
Afraid to see
If I was still me
Staring in the mirror
Reflecting back stood my fear
Depression sets in
Happiness is only the resin
After everything's been burnt out
Alone, I sit, I pout
Images distorted
Twisted and sorted
Nothing seems real
I'd do anything to feel
Numb like a child's pet rock
Silence as I watch the clock
Can I afford it
To have my heart boarded
Closed off and hoarded
Another bad idea courted
Too late to abort it
Images distorted
Twisted and sorted
What other people see
This isn't the real me
Images distorted
Twisted and sorted
what's it to you?
who go