deb they have no tolls, thank god,
as if we all have quarters growing on trees

highways have the occasional or
frequent toll booth...

so there is the difference,
i suppose
newspoet drive on me (it says
throw your cans, your fries
by my side (she says
your smoky oil residue
your tire marks (he sings
xipe totec beckoning

drive on or jump in
ClairE Hey, we're not in California here. 020101
cube Highway #407 running across the north of Toronto openned a couple of years ago. It's a toll highway which uses radio telemetry to identify users. If you don't have a transmitter, cameras placed at the on and off ramps capture license plate numbers for identification.

At first i thought i could beat this. I'd heard that the cameras didn't work at speeds above 160 Kph (100 mph). Being a rebel at heart, i made a game of it. I drive a high-powered land yacht and figured i'd pay if they could catch me. For good measure, i always made it through the lights at least 10% faster.

Things like brake wear and the cost of premium fuel being sucked through a supercharged engine at full boost just don't factor into this. This was cops and robbers for the terminally adolescent. For those few months of rebellion i'm sure i payed twice what i would have if i'd just picked up the damned transmitter...
splinken someone got beat with the UGLY stick! 030316
me i went for a walk the other day. or night. it was 4am, on a monday night, when everyone is asleep. tuesdays are good too, but mondays are best. i went to the freeway at 4am, and there wasnt a soul on it. i pulled over to the side of the highway, and turned off my car. then i got out and went for a short walk.

its something else. its one thing to see and everyday object from an everyday point of view, but another to see an object from another point of view. i felt small, and unbounde,d like i could walk in any direction as long as i wanted. only one car came, and just sprinted off the road and ducked behind some bushes.
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