ol dirty birdmad the closest i ever came to peace of mind was when i opted to deny the mind andsate the body

but at the price of heart and soul

i am the stain of sin that Lady_MacBeth cannot wash from her hands
misstree hell, should i really be having this much fun?

of course.
velvet spasm reddy on a hot august night sometime in the 1200's 020219
emo The Rave Party

I feel no pain there.

Booming electronic music pounds my ears

The outside world doesn't exist or matter for
six hours

the poisonous drugs flood my system
i trip out to lasers
kids with twirling glowsticks
ghostly pale men and women ;
reverting back to childhood
spaced out.

And I am in it for the drugs. Hell yes.
Can't find this feeling anywhere else

6 hours on exstasy; as
my body fights
off the
i ingested

struggles against heat exhaustion and dehydration

to keep itself alive; that is the

euphoric feeling....
your body dying keeping itself alive.

Sense of community is lost in a ravers jaded world.
Sense of love and peace

infested by
cliques; in the midst of 'unity'.

candy kids and jungle kids

'pierced queer teens' stomping to jungle beats

kick the habit

then see if you can find yourself between these walls
with these

aliens on steroids;

bewildered and lost, with
rotten memories.

I have. I can't find my place anywhere else.
DavesHeroinGirl I'm in need of an afternoon of birthday debauchery... oh how I love David Gray. 030603
arandommoron FUCKING!!!! 031122
thesamerandommoron Rasputin had it all figured out...

Look how much it took to kill the whacked out crazy motherfucker. He is my idol.
misstree flock to me, children... bacchus will sing songs to curl lethe's toes, we will howl and pant and the stars will shine for our forgotten names... meat upon a pedestal to raise the Essence, in a gutter to separate it, used as tool for the divine... come to me, children, and i will teach you the secrets your parents wish forgotten, i will show you storybooks of darker worlds, where every heart pounds with all its might... we will revel in deviance of sun moon stars oceans and earth, we will escape and join Everything, if you'll only take my hand... i know the way... 031205
off topic but David_Gray has a lovely voice. 040308
grendel woooo! 050407
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