Dafremen R. Dafremen

I lived a dream of this place before
A fleeting shadow that flit across my mind
Left me wondering until this moment
If the visions of our bones bleached white in the sand
Were perhaps manufactured by the voices
Of lunatics screaming maniacally within the recesses of my skull
If the sight of that long distant line of trees, far across the sand
Was perhaps a glimpse of that long sought oasis
Or was only a mirage painted upon my thoughts
By the slashing brush strokes of insanity
By the wishful thinking of a mortal caught
Trapped between life and a cold place
That only a madman could love
That only a fool could cherish?

I wasted a minute or two
In vain recollection of my youth
Of my green days
In all of their glorious foolishness and simplicity
When the pleasures outshone the pains
The marvels outweighed the mundane
Called to me "Adventure awaits!
Put aside your concerns for a time
Come be astounded and amazed!"
Oh and how I did answer that call!
Drunk from the wine of experience
Staggering and stumbling through my existence
All of the finesse of a newborn colt's first steps at my disposal
All of the majesty of a newly christened vessel set out
It appeared to be then
Plying the seas in search of adventure
In search of more than was my due
Unsated with the trickle of satisfaction come my way
Until this time when I too must soon be laid to rest

I would share the treasures I found along the way
The miser become philanthropist
The generosity of a man to who wears the idiocy of his hoarding
As a badge of dishonor
Of a drunken mute who has found his voice
When the time of the spoken word has all but passed
A time when this dream, this unrealness that now envelopes me
Demands its just due, its rightful claim to reality
This passing whisper stops as a kiss upon my cheek
Reminds me of its utter supremacy, its ruling nature
Who would not attempt to defy this creeping, cruel deity
This slow poison, time?
Who would not fail in the trying?
Who would not in vain take to asking, to begging?
Bended knee and clasped hands pleading for mercy
For but a handful of moments more than was one's lot
Who would not find himself closer to kissing the earth
That beckons him return to its cold embrace?
~gez~ i dream every day and my life has been only dreams for the past two months 020929
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