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kipper the Nachtdecends likes pointed hate on my waiting body 040414
oldephebe Oh god! that was so beautiful.
*fans himself*
DemonicSpirit this one song... it was like i heard it a thousand times before
but perhaps not
it was beautiful, his voice is the most beautiful thing it brought me to my knees instantly and i was crying because of his beauty...

then there was this other song, for a week i thought they were singing KODAK BITCH and i thought it was cool.

turns out it was something like Cold Hearted Bitch or some such thing
pete 'silently, walk slowly,
and don't look around.
when you look around
the day turns to night
and darkness ensues.'

she spoke in harsh whispers,
trying to blend her smooth voice
to the wind rustling
in the trees above our heads.

we are fugitives,
away from home and lost in conflict.
a conflict we niether support
nor can we protest in any way.

fugitives running through the thickets
with our eyes stuck to the terrain
in front of us and below our feet
any thing else brings the darkness.

to look around is to draw attention,
to draw attention is to fall
into the traps laid
by those who seek our blood
to drink and to bathe in.

'silently i said!'
she spoke with urgency,
anything would give us away.

my legs are exhausted,
and i can tell that hers are too.
we've been running for days,
during the sunlight hours
because to make our way
through this terrain at night
is to seal our own warrant.

she collapses behind me.
'go go, dont look at me,
dont help me up!
go go!'

i can't listen to her words,
i turn, looking around,
and am stung by the curse.
as i fall to face her
disappointed tears
darkness ensues...
kipper she spoke in the rough whispers, trying to mix her smooth voice to the wind that crujía in the trees on our heads. 040803
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