oh no not me everyday. 011106
birdmad The lingering summer seems to have finally slipped away.

it had long since worn out its welcome this time around.

the faint trace of clouds along the western horizon painted like a body_blush

autumn's first kiss, cool and sweet

i'll make a small cloud of my own, exhaling a little more smoke.

the close of the day
Toxic_Kisses The cloudless sky always makes me think of Peter.
It's been years but I still wonder about you, how you are, what’s become of you, and still always, "what if"
Casey The empty sky seems to be an outward manifestation of my empty life. 011107
oh no not me every day 020912
~gez~ i look up to the sky, slightly warmed by an accompanyers body heat as i embrace her. there are no clouds, but yet the sky is not clear. it is night, and there is nowhere i would rather be than here, and there is nobody i would rather spend this time with than you

the stars glitter, as do you eyes. your features are moonlit and you look so beautiful, you are temptation, and i know not how i could resist you

gently leaning over to kiss you always makes me feel as if i taking advantage, but i know it is not like that, so i have no worries. the kiss is perfect, at first just a little kiss. as i go in again it becomes more passionate, and i feel great

i feel so close to you right now, as well as do i when it is all over. and my head rests upon yours, life is perfect. i could think about school, that would spoil it. this world is perfect, this reality i have created could not be improved upon, unless it was constant

you cannot leave, i would be so sad
~gez~ wow even re-reading my own blather makes me feel good sometimes. is that sad? 021009
unhinged in the darkest moment
of my darkest hour
you stood next to me
a crumbling tower
to hold me up above the clouds

if i could figure out
what all this means
this knotted tangled mess
of pain, unrequited_love , empty_longing
i'd tell you
you were my crumbling tower
holding me up above the clouds
that threatened to smother me
what's it to you?
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