Jen I had a friendship nice, but I lost it between the floorboards in an old house in Maine. Bracelet Power will live on 010504
silentbob i pulled you close to me and stole your bracelet off your wrist, my hand traveled all the way down your arm when we held each other close enough to stop breathing completely.
i wear it daily now.
distorted tendencies 14 Left
29 Right
Raver Style.
camille old gold bracelet Patented Dec 16, 1879 011028
Innana my amber bracelet
is broken
the beads hit the
cold floor
like tears
that create the ocean
now all i have
is an amber beer
beads in a baggy
amd nausea
good people 30 left
41 right
booya. thats a lot of bracelets.
Dafremen I'm selling charm bracelets...
5 for a dollar. They come in 6 colors.
good people im wearin 46 bracelets.

woah, are you serious?
little fury bug
when i was in grade school, we used to make friendship bracelets and trade them with friends. i started making them again recently and gave them out to people i heart. i feel like a kid again. i wanna be a kid again.
squigglybee i love to make bracelets and buy beads and colored string and stuff. my boyfriend bought me some beads for christmas and i made a bracelet with our names on it. but the other day, it got some sticky goo all over it and now my bracelet is ruined. i was so sad. i'll have to make a new one 020706
birdmad my hospital tag,

i kept it on until just a few minutes ago as a reminder that i don't want to have to go back anytime soon
jane i want to make him one but what should i do? hemp? beaded? what bracelet is the most masculine 020707
kerry hemp 020707
daxle made of miniature razor cuts
when you lick it it stings magically
jane we both wear a little hemp string around our right wrist

how disgustingly cute
jane and how ironic

the day i post that
i cut them off

"why did you cut off my bracelet?"
"because it doesn't mean anything anymore. it hasn't for a while."
jane or night, rather 021015
FA113N Diamonds.

Sparkling. Drawing my eye.

Mocking me. You belong to him.

Sparkling, reflecting in your eyes.

Mocking me, I cannot drape myself around you.

Sparkling, like my heart

Mocking me,

Because you don't feel it.
what's it to you?
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