bzzmel me 011218
she accents turn me on 011219
sabbie ive never been able to spell it 011220
Annie111 what i am 011220
sabbie and all austrailians have cork hats and drink beer and ride around the farm on kangaroos and say 'maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate' and 'g'day' and they all be dumb but good hearted and tanned and wrestle crocodiles in their backyards for a bit of fun...

dont they?
hey now! sounds like fun.
i want to be australian not.
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge
when i [read][hear][think]
this very word ...
for tangible moments
in times memory
i can hear ...
i can hear her voice
all through
& through
& i whisper
that i...
that i

[release me, please just release me]
CRO almost perfect sabbie.

you forgot about sending the kids off to school on their kangaroos.
ashrakundreamer dear sweet mother of god! stereotypes!
kangaroos are generally what get hit by cars on country roads, to an accompaniment of much swearing. they, to my knowledge, have never been domesticated. they are also pests.
crocodiles are rare and generally confined to the northern areas. when seen elsewhere are regarded with suspicion.
i have never seen an australian wear a cork hat.
i like the english accent. i hate strong aussie accents. i hate american accents. i think the prime minister is a dick, the leader of the opposition should be shot and this opinion is widely shared.
i am in the stages of completing the higher school certificate, in the thirteenth year of my schooling with my final exams less than three months away, and should be studying now and not writing crap.
i occasionally say g'day. i refer to close male friends as mates. i laugh at self-derogatory humour and act like a deadshit on regular occasions.
i am a typical person who lives in australia, i think.
crazy questions I got asked about being an australian while living in North America:-
Can you like dirve for 10 hours there?
How come you speak such good english?
Do you guys eat bugs?
do wallabies really eat peoples babies?
Are you scared when driving in a car?
taen you crazy aussies.... 040103
ely there more camels than kangaroos in australia 050212
dingo kangaroo tastes good 050213
J Kessler There are over 100 million kangaroos in Australia... it is estimated that there are somewhere between 65 - 85 million camels...


kangaroos win.
sab you can have kangaroos as pets, surely?

after all, i saw skippy when i was little.
what's it to you?
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