Dafremen Fragz_Aint_Skillz..are you there yet?

Burned out on the endless stream of meaningless matches?

Ready to find out what the game is REALLY all about?

This is FAS, where Quake isn't about Fragz n' Attitude, it's about Skillz and Respect.

When fragz cease to be holy, the game becomes a contest of skillz, an opportunity for players to gain respect.

When the win ceases to be a necessity, the good showing becomes its own victory, the good fight an opportunity
to flex skillz and hone abilities.

When the scoreboard is seen as a tool instead of as an altar, the blame, the excuses and weak name calling seem pathetic.

When all the bullshit is stripped away, what remains is the true beauty of Quake...and the game can begin.

This is FAS.

Are you there yet?
stacey are you there
you say your always going to be there no matter what to hold me, comfort me, to love me internally. could i be daydreaming of someone so wonderful that im losing control, im falling in my own hole, wishing hoping that your going to catch me? laying down with you i feel my world turning, learning for a new desire to take hold, to take control, to set my heart afire. maybe if i just let my emotions go, just let them fly, let them die. Are you going to be there when i turn around? am i going to see your face, and feel your embrace against my cheek? is it you that i will seek to find this wonderfful feeling of love inside? or when i turn around, are my dreams going to hit the ground with nothing found, for everyone to see of a love turned down?
(the kids) Are we there yet? When are we going to get there? I have to pee! 040121
minnesota_chris yep, you're daydreaming stacey. 040121
sabbie are you there yet god?
'cos i'm gettin' tired of waiting.

my coffee has gone cold
and i'm begining to worry you ain't comming.
TK not even close.
yet for the first time in my life I'm actually trying.
what's it to you?
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