Zeiga Starring at the blue light as the fan blows my tears. The wetness that I tried so hard to keep from my face. I want to see eye to eye, or mind or mind, but we are in different places. The cause of our pain is not the same as yours, but infects us equally as a disease. I seek a cure, for us. 090628
danny I wish it had a neat timeline.

5 years without seeing that face.
8 years since last kiss.

I swore I forgot everything.

Last night I could taste those lips,
the exact texture of skin returned to me.
ready or not, unconscious is a fucker.
Fancy Ed Leave Zeiga alone, bitches. 090629
danny You know, that reference is totally lost on me... 090630
unhinged wounds turn to scar_tissue. once you love someone, part of you is scarred by part of them forever. 090701
Lover_Of_Light I'm tired to ask as it's taking longer then I ever imagined for such a little folly
It's not right or true to say you weren't worth it but...
Anymore I balm and go, wishing every day the failure of you will also go
In_Bloom Somewhere someone is laughing 090805
hsg selfless 090805
In_Bloom Oh merry tricksters
Thank you for bustling me along through my fear, anger and lack of faith
Like a spoiled child I have asked again and again
When? How long now? Is it done yet?

This time I'm not shaking my fist at the Universe
This time I'm shielding the face of my love against what I know better of
Not to let it look into that place I left so raw and ugly

Lemon_Soda Once in awhile it burns and throbs, mostly when I wake from a visit in my dreams, and sometimes when I meet someone who just "knows". Usually, though, I don't ever think about or remember us anymore. 090818
unhinged i accept this moment exactly how it is

it is okay to be sad
it is okay to cry
what's it to you?
who go