notme arms as hinges
a refrigerator my heart
left hip a bent tricycle wheel
concrete in my eyes
i have feathers for marrow
there is a helichopter
chasing the hare i breed
i'm running between wires
trash land king
notme wastel_and_daze
played fish with the waves
notme forget the map

it's over here
misstree it wouldn't ache so dull or so deep
if i hadn't been so high before.

once upon a time, i
was queen of the world, and
appreciated every moment of it,
savored and relished and yawped and shared

and now, well,
i get by alright, usually, and
the days are bearable, and
i have a home and a job,
who could ask for more?

once in a while
something interesting happens, and
every blue moon or two, i
have that uncontained laughter
or crazy grin that i used to,
but then it fades
and i'm taunted by memories of
lush enchanted forests
and ballrooms carved from glass
while stuck out here in the drab nothing
that somehow stole over
everything i cherished.

there's gotta be an edge,
if i keep trudging long enough.
Ouroboros flew into LA to visit my dying grandfather 060529
unhinged lithium_sketch

and oh so many more
Ouroboros LA is breaking me down. the sun beats and the traffic zooms and i am lost in the city of angeles. 060531
Ouroboros i cannot believe i have been here since february- this city of people and smog and cars and billboards. We just returned from a day camping up in the Angeles Natl forest- with air crisp and clean, with pine trees, with bluejays and hawks- in all that space i had space for my life to unfold out of me and take shape- i am not trapped here, i am giving too much energy to financial concern, i need to meditate and exercise more to create space against all the negative thoughts, i need to take better care of my body (although i don't know how), and i can't be in a loving relationship if i'm holding myself back because of self-loathing. and i cannot live here for much longer 070607
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