me Ok, well I've had three folks so far ask me how blather works and I thought that a tutorial was in order. If you love to write (yer here aren't you?) You should check out blather. It's not really a competing forum to this one, because...well you would have to have been a blatherskite for awhile to see how, take my word for it, it's something else.

Blather works like this:

It's one hundred percent free expression. It can get pretty innane at times, be warned (also be thrilled and amazed that such a thing exists.)

First, you go to http://blather.newdream.net

There you click on the link that says "recent"

That'll give you the main listing.

On the left side, you will see a column which says "today" at the top. Those are the pages that have been added to that day. The right hand column is labelled "yesterday." Guess what that means. They are ordered from most to least recent.

Each link/word/phrase leads to a page about that phrase.
Each word or underscore connected phrase is a page. On each page, people write what they think about that word..or whatEVER you are inspired to write under that word. Some folks respond to other blathes (what blatherskites [or blatherites or blatheroons or blatherers] call a post), some folks respond to what the word evokes, some simply go off on a three way tangent in 5 parts.

If you click on any of the words on a blather page, you will go to THAT word's page.

Each blathe has it's author's name (you can put anything you want and there is no membership required. You are free to blather under complete cover of anonymity if such a thing appeals to you or is useful) at the bottom of the entry to the left of the column. The date that it was blathed is the 6 numbers on the bottom right of the column.

If you click on the author's name, you will get a listing of everything that they've ever written under that name or email address. If you click on their name again from that listing of their blathes, you can send them an email.

Once you get to a blather page and decide that you would like to write something:

Go to the very bottom right of the page. There is a link that says "blather." Click that and you will be given a form to fill out that consists of four parts:

1. The title of the page that you will be adding to. This will show up with the name of the page you were on when you clicked blather. If you would like to add a page of your own, or add to some other word, just change what is in this box.

2. The main body of text. This is where you leave your musings.

3. The name that you would like to have displayed next to your entry. (Any name is fine. If you would like to leave no name at all, most folks use a period, or fill the entire line with spaces.) You are under no obligation to use a name that is in any way connected to you.

4. An email address. This is not required, but if filled in, people will be able to contact you or search your work by email address as well as name.

Then just hit the button and...you've blathed!

If you would like to see all of the words under a particular letter, just go to blather.newdream.net/ and you will get a directory listing. (Be aware that this does not work under the d (default.html) i (index.html) or h (home.html) directories. Have fun and I hope everyone enjoys.
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