For sure! yeah these are annoying, but necessary. 000712
its in the mail free stamps for blather! procrastinator's unite! 040414
nom i keep getting delayed
it didn't help that the government didn't send me my form

but it's all ok, i'm early, i just need the refund
nom it's not like it'll take me long either, last year was like 20 minutes or something, so i don't know why i haven't done it already 070303
nom 20 minutes!? bah! and gah! more like 20 hours this time, this form. i don't know why they didn't send me my (special) form this year,...just cause i moved? this general one is way more complicated and i don't have a calculator and i have to wait to ask someone tomorrow now. 070303
nom and by form i mean forms/package 070303
pSyche money back! money back! I get money back! *whistles cheerfully* 070303
stephshine geez. i wouldn't even call it procrastinating until april. 070303
and i said fuck! "Canada's tax agency has pinpointed the computer glitch that has all but paralyzed the filing and processing of personal tax returns this week, but it will be days before online services are up and running again.

The agency shut down its online tax services Monday night after discovering "irregularities" in the transfer of information between the 75 databases that store and handle Canadians' personal tax information. The shutdown, which is unprecedented in the agency's history, has effectively stopped the tax season in its tracks.

Officials at the Canada Revenue Agency said it has a team of experts working around the clock to restore systems to normal and expect it will be a "matter of days" before the problem is fixed and electronic services are up and running.

As suspected, experts traced the problem to the maintenance work done on the databases over the weekend. The agency immediately ruled out intrusion, computer virus or a hacker breaking into the system.

"We all have to wonder if this is bigger than we think," said Cleo Hamel, a senior tax analyst at H&R Block Canada, which typically prepares tax returns for two million Canadians. "It's not affecting our business. We're still doing tax returns and it's that last step (of sending them) which is preventing us from finishing them."

The shutdown comes as Canadians race to meet the April 30 tax deadline. The shutdown affects millions of Canadians who file their tax returns online using the agency's Efile, Netfile, Telefile and My Account services. It also indirectly affects Canadians who file paper returns because agency employees can't input clients' tax information into the disabled databases..."
unhinged balls

so much for living the american dream and being my own boss. i have to stop buying fancy underwear and soap and start putting aside money for the irs, medicare, social security. what the fuck fun is that?
what's it to you?
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