jennifer for the rockstar
she knows who she is

something tells me I really like you. but being that I'm so very new to everything, I don't know if you like me back. and this is junior high bullshit, because I feel like I'm passing notes that say "do you think she likes me?", "do you think I should tell her?", "do I stand a chance?". and I just don't know. I love talking to you, and I don't want that to change. but the lori amey song does play a very large part in my feelings. the song really sums up what's happening in my head lately. it's really fun to see your name come up on my screen. I love it. I look forward to it. I wish I could talk to you on the phone. like, really talk. I know you called, and it felt really awkward, yet really reassuring to hear a voice on the other end. your voice. I enjoyed it. and to read the things you write me, and write for me, it gives me a rush in the pit of my stomache. I would love to come to ann arbor sometime and meet you, I think that would be cool. and I want to meet your friends, and find out all about your rockstar life, and maybe, just maybe be a part of it.

I think I know that these feelings are primarily one-sided. and I think I can handle that. I would like to know how you feel. and I want to have all of this out in the open. because I'm tired of keeping things inside, and having these regrets, and missing out on the important parts of life.

I still want to talk.
because talking is fun.
Barrett Rockstar,
Racecar driver,
Jet pilot,
Jedi Knight,
I think Jedi Knight.

Barrett at 10 years old.
Barrett at 26 years old
ryanthered beaing a rockstar is time consuming and your lighters keep running out. 000929
j_blue being a rockstar sounds boring 000929
Tank nou 000929
guitar_freak hardcore, music loving, drug addict 001013
JBauer "Please don't put your life in the hands of a rock and roll band....
And throw it all away.

jestification my whole life i wanted you.
my whole life i wanted to be you.
it's easier to temporarily hold you.

there's no logic in it.
i know your weakness and i don't think it's cute.

i hate your ego.
why have you always wanted me too?

i hate the drama.
"jesus christ did you see me see him and all them see us see each other?"

you make great friends.
you make bad mates.
i should learn from my own mistakes.
but i'd rater write about it and go back for more.
i'd rather observe and make my own path.

i'm embarassed.
it must be about self hate.
what's it to you?
who go