reviuquer This is rediculous, dangerously so, and reflects mental laziness:

"... Our ability to create our own reality is as tangible as our ability to create art... Consentual reality, simply put, is what we all (everyone & everything on the planet) agree is real..."
Tink actually, what really reflects mental laziness is the fact that some have ignored the fact that the proper spelling is (and always has been) ridiculous. 000419
Thyartshallshant Hahahahahahaha lmao rotf. OMG, yeah, wew!, that was fun. 001231
Thyartshallshant The funny thing is that he isnt the only guy to misspell it. Look what i found when i hit the "from" button:

b l a t h e o f

argo When given many choices, I opt for limiting and labeling. Surrounded by crunchy (think Dancer in the Dark scenery) beauty, I dig out what is bad and stupid and watch sitcoms on tv and gripe about the people I meet.
I believe that for art to be made, limits have to be set. And labels, as a way to define the language of the work, have to be created. But the overhead is boxing me in and making my mortality really melodramatic.
(Modern day) successful people know where to draw the line between their personal life and their work, but now I have no personal life and I can't help but think of the good (long dead) manic artists as not wanting this line anyway.
It's a sick fucking joke that any artist would include time as a symbol in their work. I thought that red blather would be a strange rebirth. But it's not really new anymore now, is it?

Do you think it's sad when someone is on their death bed, about to die, and because of their powerful belief in heavy Christianity stuff, is not afraid to die? Is this sad and pathetic or beautiful and tragic?
god both. life is strange. 020812
Gracie Really all a firm grip on reality... which is subjective to the individual, or had you not noticed? There is nothing REDICULOUS about matters such as embezzlement, tax cuts & fuel economy.... if you are a republican. 040306
da ciao 040612
Otto Crossreference see also: schtupidity, thekx21fanclub 040612
. is not even a fucking word!

Ridiculous! rIdiculous! RIDICULOUS! I, I, I, R-I-D, it's fucking RIDICULOUS! GAAAAHHHHHH!!
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