tyler waters I think people should focus on world human requirements. That's a global issue. By that I mean, everyone should have food water and shelter.

I think before people start killing for oil or invisible lines on a map, they should just stand back and think "wait a tic, if i was hungry, would i care so much about oil or driving my car somewhere?"
really what i think we need is a "global brain", if you will.. Nationalism doesn't seem to be working out.

I mean really as a whole humans have lost their priorities. Or rather, those humans without need to worry about food/water/shelter have lost their priorities and blow entirely too much money on things they don't need, i.e. general jewelery, drugs, luxuries.. i dunno, there's a whole whack of things.

( ah, but then again, who's to forget the astronomical price of education? tuition! textbooks! res!
[ eh heh.. but then again, why do you get a good education? so you can get a good job (that pays well!) so you can spend you money oooon..... clearly whatever you want.. and certainly NOT on people around the world that are starving.. that takes away from the entire POINT of capitalism: its my money, not yours.] ) why are people dying from hunger?
Because they can't afford food?
How fucked up is that?
How fucked up is capitalism? Very.

My point is, if you have enough money for food water and shelter, and you spend your money on anything else when people around the world are dying, then you've got your priorities messed up.

how many people leave this world from hunger daily, and how much food is wasted on the other side of the planet?

We have the internet. We have roads.
We have boat lines. We have goods.
Pretty much, interconnectivity of the species. Fedex delivers everywhere... oooh, but at a price.

So who's ready for a massive social/economic revolution?
Syrope certain things you say
stick in my mind

only so i can use them later
as ammunition against myself

there's something so wrong about that
tyler waters Sorry.
Sometimes my ideals collide even with myself and those strong words I use are directed towards self.
I figure the best way is to get it out
Thank *you* Blather.
confucioussay??? so unrealistic. everyone's priority will always be numero uno, as it should be. there will always be bleeding hearts. i jus wish they would clot already..... 091011
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