User24 I always do. 030618
sixteen what happened yesterday.

I went fucking_crazy and flipped_the_fuck_out on anyone near me. I can't even remember most of it, I don't know whats wrong with me.

User24 overreacting always pisses me off becuase it's just an ugly manifestation of the id. Very embarrasing and sometimes you can't resolve it either. I wish I had more self control. 030619
Forming Mind The day I was told on a scratchy telaphone call that he was in the hospital because something went wrong.
I didn't know what. They weren't sure, keeping him over night. Possibly could die was ringing in my sister's voice from the reciever.
I asked to talk to you, go for a walk for a bit. We talked of nothing, and we said even less. I finally brought it up, and you listened and soon regreted you had to go study for your final. I understood, until I later found you finding another 30 minutes to talk to someone about a party. I overreacted about that you said.

There's other times too, you hurt me and it burned. But I can't talk about them you said, that's last year. The aforementioned is supposed to be silent as well. I have to stop overreacting.

It was a night I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned in tears and confusion. You had promised to call, I left my phone by my ear as I waited patiently. I yearned and needed to hear your voice, but I fell asleep to the taste of tears. Later you finally revealed it was because you were getting high on the pier, and didn't get home until late. And when I was hurt and annoyed, you said that's why you hadn't told me before. You knew I'd overreact.

And now,one small step too many and I'm hurt again. All I wanted was to not be poked fun at about the tender subject. But when I finally stand up to say stop, I'm overreacting and I'm supposed to stop myself.
That's your favorite word. Replayed over and over again. Yelled at me when all I wanted was a hug. All I needed was comfot. But instead I often found myself retreating into saying sorry myself.

For someone so mature and articulate you leave a lot to be desired, but I always tried to fill the holes up with the tears you caused me. It was all make believe, I see.
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