Raina My dearest log,

Last night ended the 9 year chapter of platonic friendship that existed between myself and my 'play brother'. It was...nice. I felt nervous and jittery and threw myself into the act more than the actions. Almost like I was a virgin again, imagine that.
He was just as nervous as I. All the elements were perfect. The wine, the thunderstorm, his caresses, all made the experience special. And he wasn't in "Spinal Injury" mode either. Over the years I've heard of his other exploits (as he heard of mine) and there was this back breaking arrogance that always came up. It wasn't apparent last night. He told me that id there were ever another episode, he would introduce it then. Whatever-I have tricks I'd like to try too.

Next Enrty: on_platonic_lust.
lost are you taking this out of a book? 010503
p2 poor plato
every relationship he was every in
was platonic
Raina dear lost:

your response two years later: no. It was from my life.
And my, how life has changed since then...

now, they're about to ship him off to fight this stupid war.

His daughter is just about to turn three, she needs him.

My heart hurts right now.
other fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck 090207
In_Bloom Is enduring love
Don't knock it
Em really? then why do people cheat. if platonic love is enduring love, why do friendships end and people get divorced? don't you think that maybe sometimes you just have to WORK for what you want? it doesn't just come qualified with lack of sexual relations all the time. maybe if you lived in reality then we wouldn't have to knock it.. but i'm sorry, sex is way more important than this platonic enduring bullshit you just laid on the table. 090207
Lemon_Soda Um...platonic means incredibly close without sex...are you reffering to the same thing in your post Em? Oh, and don't be a such a bitch. Its very off putting. 090207
In_Bloom Platonic love is not unrequited love.
Platonic love isn't pining and whining as to why sex doesn't accompany the love.
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