walrie i don't like the meta thing.
maybe because i don't really understand it,
or the point of it.
everytime i get to the end of a blathe and then it just says meta,
i get annoyed
and slightly confused.
there are too many.
it was okay when only a few had meta,
but now, there are several.
it is no big deal, i guess, but i am still annoyed.
pete it means the blathe is about blathing, just like this one. 051222
zeke wcw:
i am merely developing a very quick way to peruse and compare blathes which refer to blather, it's denizens and the act of blathing. the reason you are seeing it so frequently for the past week or so is that i have been systematically seeking and "tagging" blathes which answer to that basic description. more recently i have been "tagging" blathes as i encounter them (which is why their incidence has slowed down). others are doing it as well (for which i am grateful and pleased). it should become much less frequent as i catch up with blather's long history. also, subsequent posts to blathes which are "tagged" will tend bury the offending post.

if you click on meta in any of those "tagged" blathes you will discover that the meta blathe is itself a list of links back to all of the "tagged" blathes. i use the screen name meta instead of any of my own handles because it will also function as a directory of "tagged" blathes. i was inspired by the habits of other 'skites who use a similar device to create indices of their own under the tags "." and "marked" as well as several others.

if it truly disturbs you, i will stop. let me know.

z is meta
meta meta 051222
walrie dear z,
it is not truly disturbing or even offending, it is just slightly annoying.
however, if it pleases you, do not mind me and my tendency to favor less indexes and more randomness.
z thank you 051222
p2 this meta thing
is doubly redundant

it provides 3 ways
to pull up the same list

1) the meta page
2) the who link on the blatherskite, meta
3) the where link on the meta page

is that necessary?

the single meta page
should suffice
plus wcw, et al
will not unsuspectingly
encounter a page
that abruptly ends in

z i imagine someone new to blather finding the meta link in a blathe which has caught their interest and clicking on it. they would then be confronted with a very significant cross section of blather. it is appealing to think that someone might appreciate the trail blaze i have left.

if you (or anyone else) object, i will stop. please let me know.
p2 no objection from me

just that
if your purpose is simply to make a list
this seems a bit much

i think a newcomer
would need to understand blather
before moving on to
meta blather
z it might help. 060112
meta_meta meta_meta 100108
what's it to you?
who go