andrea so many new scars to tell the
tale of all iíve done this summer.
will i remember their origin
years from now? the superficial
ones, their tales will fade with
time. but the ones on my
heart will always remain vivid.

copyright 2000
gaudior sometimes
i wish
that i
could be
just like
a snake
rubbing against
a stone
and shedding
the old "me"
to become
a new
more glorious
birdmad every time i try it
i just keep fucking up
and becoming something worse
yummyC every summer i change myself.
very few stick around long enough to realize this.

If you had met me last year
you would've hated me.

and I would've loved you.

things are different every summer.
silentbob rebirth
all my skin is peeling off
maybe i should look brighter at my_world because of it
Casey Is it really new skin, or just my old skin from years ago reappearing? 010721
uow new scene 040807
ben is jamin now!!! fascination over fear,
i walked to the body.
he layed at peace.
eyes shut, tongue in mouth
not out...
t-shirt still on his back,
he pants still buttoned,
he still had a heart.
he still had a brain.
the difference was life.
i sat and pulled out my knife
i though about it...
then decided to start at the neck
giving him an equator.
i pealed back
the leather like covering
that use to represent the
personality of this
deceased man and traced
the rest of his shape.
then there were two.
one with depth,
but not cover,
one with hair,
but no stuffing.
i slip the slick
outer shell of him
and stitch up tight.
so here i am.
forgot to tell ya,
i killed him with
a shot to the head.
lets proceed.
we walk,both of us
to the park.
gun in pocket and all.
we reach our destination,
both grab the gun.
the sound of a shreak
breaks the happiness
of the children playing.
gun now in mouth,
we pull the trigger...
him out of rage and hate..
me..out of insanity of course.
now we both lay dead.
him in his new body,
he in my new skin...
was it suicide?
what's it to you?
who go