crazy_hope wants to keep us just as friends, but i want more. he keeps disappointing me. but he is the only good thing.

my heart twists into coils when i see him with those sluts. he could do so much better.

he could have me.
pobodys nerfect Oh i can definitely relate to this since i just finished up a relationship like that.
I liked him as slightly more than a friend (which he knew,and was fine with) and he certainly behaved more friendly towards me than in the previous 5 years of friendship, but the minute i sent the dreaded email accusing him of stuff, things changed. Of course, he couldn't tell ME first about his feelings. Noooooo. He told the (slutty) "mutual friend" in secret instead,and then treated me different because he didn't know she told me what he said. Then he starts posting about how he should go out and find some girls to fuck around with (like THAT isn't the sign of a man in complete denial about his feelings!). And since he ASSUMES i like him a whole lot more than i actually do, i'm getting the
"avoid at all costs" treatment.

Anyway, i digress...

My point is, that some guys just do this when they think a girl is trying to "tie them down" to a relationship; even if it's one that they seem to enjoy. It's fucked up and stupid, but hey, with any luck, you'll find a new guy & this jerk will end up alone and very unhappy. Believe me, a couple of weeks ago i was RIGHT where you are now. If he's acting like a manslut right under your nose, then he's not a very nice guy, and not worth it.
Take it from me--fill your spare time up with other stuff & try to stay busy. With time, you'll probably think about him a lot less, and be a lot happier.
crazy_hope thank you 071124
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