paste! today, at the church, a fundraiser. buy a mannequin. dig into your closet at home, then make your own goddamn window display. 011104
paste! while we're at it, let's dry-hump the sofa! GOOD TIME BARBECUE! 011104
paste! i have cancer 011104
paste! We all love Harvey Coco.

It consisted of his taking a wooden Plakl, a thin hand-held shovel, and digging a two-inch hole into his shin, usually of the weaker leg. At this point Coco would faint, dreaming about his belle Maria or a new constellation. When he awoke he ate bread and peas. Boiling whale fat was then poured into the hole in his leg until it spilled over. While liquid, a small wick was inserted and held until the oil solidified. The citizens called it The Nerk, although other regional towns just referred to it as Crazy Harveyís makeshift leg candle.
sab i have a naked dismembered mannequin in my bedroom

she lords over my bed

with her half closed eyes, and distainful, calm expression she is untouchable.

an ice queen

and if you look carefully you discover
she has no eyeballs at all
and she gazes over her bottom eyelashes
with voids painted with shadow
windows into antoher world
another place
another time.

beautiful, bald, amputee manniquin

i worship her
adore her
love her.

i press my face, my cheek
my body
to her cool hard lips
i kiss her breasts and her hips
run my tounge over her stomach
and make pretend
that she loves me

she doesnt mind my adorations
she finds them a little amusing.

but just as i am her captive
she is mine

for her legs are in the spaire room, wrapped tightly in a blanket
and one arm is in the kitchen, sticking out of a milk crate
and one is in the bathroom
holding up the soap.

she holds my heart tightly, i cannot escape her
but she is ultimatly helpless
shes not going anywhere
without my persmission.

we are both trapped in this house
i am trapped by a love painful and divine
and she is trapped for i have taken her limbs and scattered them around the house.

i will not let her
leave me
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