typhoid shines
cuts off blood flo to my head
bleeds on my hands
closes its eye
shows the way blindfolded
consumes chaos
and produces discord
birdmad reflecting off the sea_water in the blackness just beyond the reach of the city lights and the calming sound of the tides rolling in 010930
distorted tendencies A bath of milk and roses. 011001
fairydust deviant demise
you smile
the moon stares through the umbra
no light except for our souls
dripping from our pores
mine is sour
and yours hot
and the moon a voyuer
watching us lick it off
from above
dondeestanlosjaguares _____sonata

beethoven's greatest piece under my humble opinion.


i could see in your eyes though you had them closed, because I fell in love with them, they became embroidered in my memory.


always bringing such serenity and thoughts of you.


the future. . .
eddie shadows from the sun or light from the dark 020812
Brandy In the darkness I see a light
One that quiets all my fears
In the darkness I see a light
One that dries away my tears
It's the beams that warm me
The love that binds me
The song that soothes me
And the one who loves me
In the night
It is the moon
Aimee used to scare me as a child. it seemed so big, so frightening. it just terrified me

Then as I grew I began to see in a new lightI began to see me. I wanted so badly to dance in it, to play in it, to just revel in it's beauty... but unfortunately my adoration could only be expressed through my bedroom window...
tr can it just be warm? I mean sunlight is, can moonlight be also?
i need some warmth
clarity pleasure dancing on her skin, she gives sweet kisses tenderly on her breasts. 040604
franK z "The moon is clear." That's a code. 040604
charlie , i was the
(said he)
cheerleaderslut "come dance under the moonlight"

god moonlight was made for rabbits 041010
HidingOnTheWall glue for broken souls 060305
emmi "and i am a woman ravished and naked
chanting the words of a little girl lost
trrading the edge of the waves

trying to recapture...

the dream of a virgin robed in moonlight".......
(abena busia)
In_Bloom It was all upon us as we swam and stargazed and snuck cautious glances at one another's nakedness
Your guitar was happy in the moolight too
In_Bloom ode to Secret James 2007 090629
see also: moonlight_mile 090629
hsg infusions (r) 090919
Jurisprudence The town of Jerome looks haunted bathed in moonlight peeking through light cloud cover

Lovers forget their pasts in order to immerse in the magick of twinkling eyes

The most beautiful memory yet of 2009
what's it to you?
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