moi don't you hate people that think they're so much smarter than you? 011208
She Yes, especially when they're right. 020807
Jane Doe It's such a beautiful name, though ;-) 040205
silentbob i didn't see you last night 040410
Ryen It would have been great being together forever.

You were my goddess.

Now you are just another name.
Just another girl.
Just another bitch.
Just another slut.
Just another whore.
Just another fuck.

Nothing special...

I will not see you this summer.
This year.
This life.

You are dead to me.

RIP Katherine
RIP Katarzyna
RIP Kasia
RIP Kitty

joda I got a fish this weekend, and I named it Katherine. I just liked the name. I dind't know the name Katherine was associated with such pestilence.

This is why I missed this place.

It's so entertaining, when someone is so hurt by another, they call them every dirty name in the book.

I mean, I'd be really embarrassed to be all bitter about someone I pretend to think was a whore.

Just admit you hurt, kid. Let it go.

Perhaps it's all fair though - maybe she's as immature as you, and in telling her best friend about the last time you fucked her, (I assume you have. If you didn't - then you really can't call her a slut, right?), she's sharing the fact that your dick is smaller than a baby's arm.

Or worse - her big toe.

Fair is fair. Grow up, find love, and enjoy the changes that life brings. If every teenage crush was meant to last, there'd be no such thing as divorce, would there?

I can't feel good trivializing your feelings - I apologize. I only hope Ryen, it all gets worked out soon for you. It's no good when you're feeling not good. But getting past things without bitterness is all good. seriously.
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