Effingham Fish Absinthe Minded
sabbier than thou up before noon - loosing goth points left right and centre... 020713
jessicafletcher i'm not goth. sorry. but i like you guys anyway. 020713
misstree a small posse, entertaining ourselves at gothcon. rogue couldn't play--he was too busy. voltaire watched wistfully for a moment before heading off for a meeting with the organizers. amnesia struck when sisters of mercy was called for.

all in all, we were G.A.F.
filet of birdmad Last night while sorting through my clothes i found what was once my favorite shirt, one with the black on black designs the one i have not worn in almost five years since i never got around to sewing new buttons on it

there's a hole where the last button should be,

from the collar down she (my long lost scarlet witch, the med tech with the blade fetish - not to be confused with the trailer park sorceress) sliced them off with a scalpel, she ripped the last one out with her teeth when patience failed her

the burning sensation of our mixed sweat falling into the ornate designs her scalpel carved into my skin

that night she was the vampire and i was having a good time being the prey
misstree look, miss spikes-in-my-nose-and-i-just-don't-care, goth is far older than *you* are, they're just beatnicks that forgot how to snap, and don't tell me your pvc makes you goth, don't tell me a hippiegoth is a contradiction in terms, i was writing dark poetry when you were still in diapers, and i remember when souxsie still had the banshees, not the creatures, and i remember when industrial was unlike anything you would ever ever hear on the radio. don't look at me and think i'm a tourist or a weekender because i'm not out flaunting my corsets every week, or because i wear tie-dye to dance to switchblade symphony, because if you wanna get on the uppity train, you're gonna have to show *me* a fucking ticket. 021211
celestias shadow just sad. it shouldn't be a competition. that defeats the entire purpose. 030928
misstree unless it's a damn enteratining card game.

then you're goth_as_fuck if you win, or angsty if you lose--either way, you're set!
nomatter i agree with celestias
people call me goth and its retarded. they don't even know what it means. just because i have dark hair and wear black clothes and makeup i am soo gothic.
grendel wearing eyeliner sporadically and black constantly since 1987 030929
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