aeiou is a cool ass chick 010428
misstree misnamed: the gentle glow, perfect complement to dusk's serenity, is the opposite of fire's sharp flicker. 020316
devalis one of the best new sci-fi shows on television! wouldn't we all love to live in a future where being a "companion" (*cough* whore) is a prestigious job? 021130
woin the livingston rougtch story:

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screwing for virginity it sound like the code-name for a super-hot spy in a no-plot-action-movie. 021201
girl_jane sparkle 021201
firefly i am firefly and i am a chick 040805
pete whispered words and fresh breezes rising from the canal. why is the wind always in my face? words and thoughts, dreams and memories, mixing and dancing, the interplay is blinding, the effect is binding, and i somehow hope that in the end i'll be okay, and this last month won't do any serious damage to my sanity. i register on tuesday, after i get home from work, probably wendsday morning the way things work. jon's back on the 29th, and my brother moves to town on the 20th. things are falling into place, and the world spins with my concerns and beliefs a mere nothing amid a sea of zeroes.

i still dream, vividly most of the time, and they hang like darkened clouds over my paradisal view of the world. they taunt reality and shake my eyes from what they see to what they want them to see, which really isn't there at all. the summer is dividing into the before and after memories, the hopeful and the depressed-likely-to-become-bitter times, with the island of understanding just a little off centre. why do i do this to myself? i see the pattern and remember different beginnings and the unmarked (though strongly felt) ends. even though i can expect the ends, i can never prepare for them. and i can only fear, until a new beginning comes again, that there will be no new beginning, because hope tends to fade with time.

*is just trying to figure things out with words*
another one Oops. Now there's two of us. Guess I'll have to put my thinking cap on again. 070528
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