Tank i just learnt how to do pop-up windows! 000824
silentbob woolly muffler

all i ever wanted to be was a woolly muffler on your naked neck
double-wrap me when it's cold
but you pulled a little tight just now
and i'm afraid i feel a choke hold coming on

all i ever thought we might come to was second dates
and flirting eyebrows
or maybe even psychic friends
and we could share a secret language
and almost definitely make more of it
than it was
but everyone around us would know
everyone watching would know

this is not a walk with walking wounded
here's the ball, here's the pole, now where's the tether
where's the tether?
hands can grow together
if you're not careful or grateful or whatever
and i never much cared much too much to begin with

i will not take your possibilities under my care
i will not see you on the bus
you want me to hold your hand
it's a courtship i can't stand
and here i thought you were crying because you were happy
but no no no

friends will turn against you
people disappoint you every time
so if you've got greatness in you would you do us all a favor
and keep it to yourself?
keep it
keep it to yourself

a labored expat fantasy:
quit your job and move away with me
oh what bliss it would be
to pretend we never met

i'm elated now
i'm elated now
i'm elated now
i'm elated now

Harvey Danger.
silentbob harveydanger 001019
Mustard Inspector the feeling i get when i run outside and do something crazy, and out there. something that others look at me with disgust and contempt for. i love it. its what i live for i think. 010123
jezebel the crazy things are the most elation inducing
things in the world
you get hyper and wild
because you can't contain your happiness
what's it to you?
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