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orange crush you invaded my space 040705
damn did I not say something? control my life, direct it so I can please you... what was left unsaid, what was wrong? You wanted spontaneity... tell me how to do that... 040705
unhinged bitching is all well and good and allows us to reduce stress, but how's about we start doing something rather than racking up more shit on the recent list?

complaining about something you don't like on the recent list is almost as counter_productive as the stuff being there in the first place.

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unhinged union. my response to my union's contract survey ahead of new contract negotiations:

I was disappointed with how quickly ufcw 21 gave in to the bad contract that Macys negotiated with us last time around. I was also disappointed with the way most of us were mislead about the details of the contract by the union. The commission buyout was not profitable for most of us, the step raises were made smaller so in fact it did next to nothing to help me as a worker. At a time in American history where corporations and politicians are making it seem pointless for me to even pay union dues, I think it is important for our union to negotiate a contract that holds Macys accountable for the fact that many of us, even with a full time position, need to apply for government assistance to make ends meet. I for one am willing to strike for a real and fair contract. I am tired of working full shifts all by myself and dealing with irate customers because of Macys scheduling practices. I am tired of the corporate response that if I don't like the work atmosphere, I should find another job. That may be easy to do in Seattle, but in other parts of the country I know it is not. Please do something that actually benefits me for all the hard earned money you take from me. Please do not give in to corporate bullying this time around. Bring me back a contract I would be proud to vote for, a contract that reflects the value of hard work, that rewards me for being a loyal employee who shows up to work on time and has stayed with the company for years, not a contract that makes it legal for Macys to turn me into a minimum wage slave. A ten cent raise for 700 hours of work is insulting. Soon, with the minimum wage increase in Seattle, I will make the same wage as a brand new hire to the company. That is not acceptable. Please address these issues with Macys.
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