Homer 1.
a.The act or process of consuming.
b.The state of being consumed.
c.An amount consumed.

2.Economics. The using up of goods and services by consumer purchasing or in the production of other goods.

3.Pathology. a.A progressive wasting of body tissue. b.Pulmonary tuberculosis. No longer in scientific use.

cough me a tree.
peyton always be near me
never leave
never stop touching
give everyting to me
bring it all down
shatter your priceless glass walls
bleed for me
always be near me
never leave
let me drink you dry
sing litanies
for your absence
i'm not there
be desolate
and truthful
if you should go
take all of me with you
always be near me
and never ever
be touched
without feeling my fingertips
docrivs margo consumes lipstick
jan consumes men
bobby consumes comics
stan consumes zen
tommy consumes hockey
john consumes wine
bertha consumes tv dinners
vic consumes another line
jay consumes hip hop
sara consumes punk
april consumes gospel
eddie consumes da funk
stephy consumes mystery novels
jim consumes beer
ted consumes marlboros
suze consumes john deere
reya consumes baseball
rico consumes "pimp my ride"
tia consumes "...springer..."
jed consumes formaldehyde
blaire consumes the bible
sammy consumes the train
dan consumes sex toys
abby consumes spain
desiree consumes politics
steve consumes "talk soup"
alex consumes death metal
poe consumes a chalk art group
nevea consumes biology
cecie consumes pornography
frank consumes philosophy
david consumes geology
there's a big old world
and there's a lot to consume
but when we consume it all up
the world will give up
will shrivel and shrink
and we'll be gone in a blink
so lets eat drink be merry
consume, consume, consume
stork daddy i do consume beer. i'd like to trade with abby for spain if at all possible though. 061015
docrivs i consume the internet
and the internet consumes me
and now it is past 2:30
and i am getting sleepy
no more tea
my mind is set
past there are times where the urge to consume becomes great. usually i live a life that is, generally speaking, good for the environment and bad for the economy. the consumption that rises is more that of food, alcohol, music, conversation, books and the like. 081113
Lemon_Soda I like that list of consumables. 081113
past tonight, brought to you by a stack of third-year level essays. while some were brilliant, some made me wonder how they passed the first two years. 081119
dafremen Mustard plasters and poultices. Elixirs and tonics. There was snake oil by the bottle by the case. I tell you, we were so consumed with consumption back in '35, that we called it "The Great Consumption Consumption of '35." 141207
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