i put the GRR in grendel baby With eyes wide open we move forward

with neither gun nor sword we charge

armed with only our wits and our desires
(and whatever skills we bring into play)

the sweetest victory
lies not in conquest
(well at least not usually)

when we all recognize that
desire is not such a terrible thing
and everyone can put their defenses aside

we will not use our harshest implements upon you (unless you ask us nicely, and then we might offer to trade places)

with lust and ardor for all

silentbob yeah!!! and i put the LUNT in silentbob!!!
Thyartshallshant Hell Ya! 010110
kx21 SEX outside the ' BOX '...
What is the BOX?
daxle WHY not ASK yourself, since you SEEM to have ALL the ANSWERS? 010110

Revolution is part of the Evolution...
Aimee damn it... i missed it! 010729
mulder you say you want a revolution 010729
Gollum yes precious, white cotton panties. 010730
paste! peanut_butter_is_your_friend 010730
Dafremen SExual REvolutions are for suckers. You freaks don't need a revolution anyhow. You need a Sexual Recession or something. Some time when sex, love and the opposite sex are subject numbers 150,173 and 220 instead of:

100 people three answers are on the board.
Name something that you think about all day long.

I'm gunna say Sex Richard.

Is it sex? (DING Number ONE answer!)

Ok the question...Name something you think about all day long.
We've already got sex on the board... what's your answer?

I'm going to say LOVE Richard.[good answer! good answer!]

Is there LOVE on the board?! (DING)
(Number 2 answer!)

Well it's up to YOU s'bob...if you get this last answer go on to the big money round. If not, the Truth gets a chance to steal the win from you. No pressure or anything.

Name something you think about all day long. 15 seconds remaining.

(Ok how about school? Cars? Politics? Work?)Need an answer Bob.

Um...the opposite sex? [good answer good answer! Yea! Wooo!]

If opposite sex is up there you win the game, otherwise the Truth gets a chance to steal...

Is anyone thinking about OPPOSITE SEX? (DING)

Number 3 answer!

(Yea! We win! Woohoo!)
raven cannot catergorize the nature of this sickness 010730
Boogaloo para bailar la bamba... 011201
ever dumbening para chingar tu mama
para chingar tu mama
se necesito una poco de ganja
Grievance Daf, i can not say accurate you are, and you managed to be satiracal at the same time.

*adds coin to the cause of sexual recession*
forgetful_experimentor you are an animal you human
sex is natural and good and nothing will make you think of sex, love and the opposite sex less. sexual revolution is about not constraining and restraining it so it doesn't fuck you up
ClairE Lead the way! (Any Gabes around?) 011202
gabe kaplan i'm here baby! 011226
a slightly more subdued grendel excuse that first blathe people, i was feeling that dangerous combination of semi-poetic and mind-bogglingly horny. 011227
ClairE And which of us aren't? 011227
rubydee and who are you lusting after these days? 050612
what's it to you?
who go