hopefully still you baby I love you with all my heart Becky. you mean the world to me. I will never stop loving you. and I hope your love for me will never end. with out you I would be nowhere, I most likely wouldn't be alive.
you are the reason I didn't end my life last November. or again this year, and don't ever think you are the reason I
went back to the hospital this year. the fact that I had lost you, and was never worthy of your love is what sent me back. you were all I was holding onto in my life. I love you, your all I have left in the world that matters, and loosing you had taken away the last thing I was holding onto. don't ever believe I would not want to be with you. and don't ever think, even for a second, that I will ever let you go. Becky being with you makes me feel alive, and being with you has kept me alive. I know Iíve said it before, but that was then and this is now, and now
I will never lie to you again, I could never lie to you again even if I tried to, it killed me inside every time I
did it. you mean the world to me... you are my world... with out you there really is nothing.
I just want things to get better, to get back to what they were 4 months ago, when our love was pure and unquestioned. I still love you like I always have, I even love you more now than I did before. and I hope that all of this shit Iíve put us through will only make our love stronger and unbreakable.
I love you, and I always will.

"I could lie here all day, tongue tied and outclassed
Never missing their world, that used to be my life
And I can't remember what it was that I always wanted
But it should have always been this
Rhyme and reason not withstanding
Folded into beauty
And if I hold this here forever, I will never drown
And when I lose my ground I can always remember
This is my reason; you are my reason to stay
I have shed this dry hard shell
Traded its comfort for your eyes
Played with denial, and then denied my own defenses
It's no longer part of me
These questions, insecurity
You will always be the most magnificent creation"
-boy sets fire
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